this is probably the only class I would attend willingly during the summer:)


Was suppose to start with…Submissions close in 5d 17h 51m, but got distracted until this much time was available…Submissions close in 8h 11m. Now I am posting with this much time left…Submissions close in 4h 21m.

I wish I had a viable excuse like my craftroom is completely in order with everything in its place & properly labeled or I finished unpacking the rest of the house, but alas that would be malarkey!

I cannot believe that I missed making tags for March & April…this year is simply slipping away from me…insert deep sigh!!!

I will admit that it felt good to get inky…

201605 1a crop

While I didn’t start with…

Submissions close in 2h 50m…

it really doesn’t matter if I procrastinate and wait until then!!!

For some reason this tag got kicked to the side as I once again changed my room around. I had ever intention on finishing it the 1st week but it was lost in the shuffle of craft supplies. At least I managed to get my dies put away…lol

I did enjoy revamping these techniques and love this picture I found…

201602 crop

Started with – Submissions closes in 5h 43m.

Which is how I think I finished last year and didn’t want to start this year!!!

I have at least been in my room and have cleared a good portion of crafty stuff to the hallway and office to be labeled.

I did nicely reorganize all my ink, paints, sprays and embossing powders once I moved some storage stuff around to keep them grouped together!

I can also report that I have more than a small workspace to operate in as I just threw some stuff on the floor in piles to get it out my way…the only problem is…I keep tripping over it and can’t reach my large paper cutter [which is not really useable since I have new stuff sitting on it which needs to have a permanent home]:)

This tag is a reminder to me to allow myself to escape my own barriers that I have put in place and just let myself dream…

201601 1a crop

Started with – Submissions closes in 5h 5m

Which is only fitting for the last tag of the year!!!

I have been thinking about this tag creation for weeks, but was once again derailed by life in general, sickness and volunteer obligations.

Instead of visions of sugarplums dancing in my head, I had visions of ink, burlap and boxwood twine garland…

201512 post


Started with – Submissions close in 17h 21m.
Finished with – Submissions close in 7h 36m.

While I did not spend 10 hours working on this tag, I did spend more time than expected because…
~ my idea for this tag kept changing
~ my craftroom is still a hot mess, so I couldn’t find anything
~ I needed to stop and elevate my feet, since my big toes were sliced on last week
~ I had a dermatology appt, which I was almost late for because I was getting my ink on
~ my pup was underfoot, which I really didn’t mind since she hasn’t come in my room for about a year

Regardless of the hours that have passed, I really loved putting this tag together!!!
201511 post

Submissions close in 1d 17h 42m is really not accurate of when I started this tag since I have been processing the idea in my head for over 2 weeks. Once again time has passed me by as I try to put my craft room in order [yeah, yeah…what else is new].

I started sorting totes of embellishments only to find some older boxes of embellishments. Lots of Tim Holtz when he was with Junkitz along with some Lil Davis Design stuff.

Now I have…submissions close in 3h 2m to post this tag because I have been enjoying the neighborhood festivities of Halloween and forgot to take a picture of my project.

I loved creating this slightly eerie background and my version of the undertaker.

I used Wendy Vecchi’s technique for creating the custom epoxy memo pin with Tim’s rub-on.

201510 post

Started with Submissions close in 8h 55m. Finished with Submissions close in 3h 34m.

Why you ask…

  • distracted by the patio renovations going on
  • kinda sorta had an idea for this month’s tag and kept changing it
  • extended visit from sibling
  • sidetracked by neighbors wanting to see patio renovations
  • preoccupied with playing clash of clans
  • busy with collecting supplies instead of using them
  • sleep deprived because my pup thinks 0330 is playtime

…the list could go on and on but I really need to make crafting a higher priority. I have gotten so wrapped up in making my craft space look pretty that I have neglected to use it.

This tag used a product that I always want to use more often…alcohol inks! Not sure why I don’t pull these out more often [along with my other cool products].

For the life of me I could not find my package of frosted so I experimented with covering Wendy Vecchi’s clearly for art modeling film with Tim’s frosted film…not a bad combo & worked great in a pinch!!!


Started with Collection closes in 6h 26m.

Finished with Collection closes in 2h 53m.

Why…because I allowed insignificant circumstance get in the way of me creating. Excuse after excuse kept me out of my room.

I wish I could say that I worked on this tag 3+ hours but the time that I did allow myself to embrace the task at hand was serene & fulfilling.


Wow…this is close…Submissions close in 5h 3m

I began working on my tag weeks ago, but ran into a snafu. Something was missing and I did know what so I kept pushing the project to the side to clean my room & work on other stuff. [Which is a good idea until you realize that your project is now buried under a pile of stuff & you still haven’t finished it]

I finally figured out that I wanted to add something that I did not have in my stash so I had to order the mixed media thinlits to add some layers to my tag.

It is probably hard to see but all that yummy texture is waxed paper that is cut with those dies & layered on top.

Side note: the wax paper is used remnants that I use to protect my mixed media pages so it is all wrinkled from usage and has dried crusty bits of paint.

I just loved grunging up those gears with black & bronze paint to give a rusted effect

201506 1a