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class is in session...

I truly enjoyed creative chemistry 101 & learned so much about the ranger products in my stash. Tim is such a great teacher & I am so happy that he takes the time to explain how to properly use the products & also gives you an excuse to experiment on your own:)


Yesterday I got to spend the whole day with my very best friend. A day filled with reminiscing & laughter as we cleaned out the garage & unpacked boxes. It was a day that commemorated 24 years of being together & was made even more poignant as we found a picture of us that was taken professionally a few months after we exchanged I dos.

I wish I could say it was like looking in a mirror, but I did see the same kool-aid smiles reflecting back at me!!!

I initially thought it should be something profound & insightful, but since I just spent 3 hours trying to figure out how to start my 1st blog and put things in the correct parameters of blog posting legalities…I’ll just start by saying. “My brain is currently uncooperative & I need a nap!!!”