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My take on Tim’s 12 Tags for 2013…I just had to give this one a go. He did show this technique in creative chemistry 102, but at the time I did not have the key ingredient which is the antiquities frosted embossing powder. Doesn’t look too shabby for my first try:)


valor * courage * sacrifice...

I have realized that since starting this blog I have not actually posted anything crafty other than to say that I have taken Tim’s Creative Chemistry 101 & 102 [which I neglected to post pictures for].

I really do have a good excuse…my craft room is being ‘organized’ & I currently have stacks of boxes & containers everywhere:)

I hope to have ‘everything’ in place by the end-of-the-month so I can work on a project without tripping over bubble wrap, crumbled newspaper & empty boxes!!!

0545 – wake to the sound of excessive usage of train horns

0845 – drive around with hubby to run errands & try to get a cup of coffee [limited flavor – pumpkin spice] only to bypass race track by driving down wrong street & being instructed by hubby not to do a u-turn

0955 – decide to go to manatee viewing area only to realize they do not open until 1000 so circle the block to see where the street leads [perhaps to coffee]

1007 – arrive back to manatee viewing area to closed gate only to realize that clock in car has not been adjusted to daylight-savings time

0907 – adjust clock and head to race track in new area as suggested by hubby only to realize that it is not race track, but an establishment called race way

0915 – continue on quest for pumpkin spice coffee and head to shopping area

0935 – have traveled almost 41 miles and still no coffee

0955 – stop at wawa to try their pumpkin coffee only to dump the putrid liquid out & grab a chocolate milk

1155 – lunch with hubby & exploring a new area

1445 – head home with nothing from my list & no coffee

1605 – hubby decides it is time to put on the garage lights…should take no more than 60 minutes.

1805 – lights are finally installed, but only have 7 watt bulbs instead of the suggested 60 watt, plus that was a really long hour

1818 – head to home depot for proper bulbs

1829 – finally rewarded with a lovely cup of pumpkin spice coffee from race track

1936 – arrive home to put in proper bulbs and illuminate not only our house, but our neighbors house across the street

2130 – go outside to admire handiwork on lights only to realize while they are brilliant…one of the socket thingies is not working properly and a new fixture will need to be acquired

2230 – sit to write this list

I had a disturbing dream last night…a dream that still leaves me feeling forlorn even though I am awake.

I was kayaking with my father [an event by the way that has never taken place] the river was moving swiftly and we were laughing as the flow took us downstream. Other people were around us, and as I gazed back I saw my father leap for a woman who was flailing her arms as her kayak capsized. He struggled with managing the weight of the woman and handling the increasing current of the water. He made sure the woman was safe and looked at me with a glint in his eye as he slipped below the now murky water. I screamed and reached for him to no avail.

The scene then breaks to me doing CPR on him while he lies on a hospital floor. There are nurses standing around me oblivious to my cries for help. I begin chest compression, and as I go to give him the required breaths he disappears before me. I am left on my knees searching for him and sobbing uncontrollably.

It so hard to write about such things, but I know the significance of this dream. The night my father died he was found on the floor of his hospital room reaching for the door. I have always imagined that his last thoughts were, “just a little further” as he faded from this earth.

I miss him terribly, even though 7 years have now passed. This is not about me having regrets of what I should have said or did not say, just a reminder that he is always with me and there is nothing I could have done to ‘save’ him!

He is my hero [yes…I refuse to make this past tense]!!! He always had a helping hand for someone & asked for nothing in return. I watched as he struggled with diabetes, multiple back surgeries & my mother’s death. He always had his arms open to comfort me and a big smile on his face as he called me “pumpkin” [not sure how that nickname started].

When I am struggling or feel overwhelmed, I remind myself…I am my father’s daughter!!!

I went to the bank to make a simple transaction and was lured into a conversation about happiness with the associate that was helping me. He noticed my smile & calm manner and asked me how I do that. He went on to say that he had been having a rotten time of it & began to expound on his given situation.

His problem in a nutshell…a word I will token as ‘butism’. Every one of his sentences was peppered with ‘yeah, but’ like I did not truly understand what he was saying to me. I more than understood that he wanted a ‘pearl of wisdom’ that would propel him through all his problems & into a life of wonderful bliss.

I am so use to people showing me their ‘emotional baggage’ that I didn’t even blink as I responded to his quandary with this, “either fully commit yourself or let it go”. Then I smiled and walked away!!!