Submissions close in 18h 54m…the amount of time I have left to post my project!

This one was really a struggle for me. Not because I did not like tim’s tag or technique, but because I have been distracted by all the other things that compromise life.

At the beginning of the year I wanted to spend at least 20 minutes in my room each day. It hasn’t happened!!! Throughout the day I have allowed other things to distract me & keep me from crafting….WHY?!!!?

I have all this crafty stuff I want to play with, a great space that is finally coming together [which means that there are less piles to step over] & crafty ideas that are bogging down my brain ‘cause they want to become reality…there should be no excuse not to give myself a minimum of 20 minutes in a 24hr day to create!!!

So without further ado here is my tag…

201410 captured 1a

I loved working with the distress sprays for the first time & the way they flowed into all the crevices created by the shatter stencil! From the picture it is hard to see the stamping in the background, but I love the extra layer it adds!!!

The spider is from tim’s candlelight fright [cut from plastic packaging then embossed with dot matrix] & the heart is from his mini hearts set.

201410 captured 1b