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I only have one excuse as to why this is being posted at the last minute…I was really sick!!!

From the time I saw Tim’s post on the 1st…my idea had formed & I already had all the supplies I needed for a change. Then something I never expected happened…my body totally shut-down!

side note: this has actually been going on for a few months which is why there is no tag for November & December!

I won’t go into all the details, but I was lucky if I could hold my head up for a few hours. With time I am slowly getting to full strength, which is a very good thing because I miss getting inky in my crafty space!!!

I loved how this came together and it was the first time getting to play with my distress stains [I could hear them calling to me while I was stuck in my chair].

This year I chose to live everyday…

201501 a post

a close up of that glittery pumice stone goodness & my current mantra…live in the now

201501 b post

I am really cutting it close with only this much time left…submissions close in 6h 41m


I usually finish the year with a review list & begin the year with my like to accomplish list, but this year will be different…

  • No list of task that will be started and just as quickly abandoned
  • No promises of growth, realization or embracing of self only to feel slightly defeated that I did not have some spine-tingling ‘aha’ moment
  • No reflection on past decisions gone wrong or assurances of not veering slightly off path
  • No goals of losing “x” amount of pounds or limiting the amount of crispy bacon I will consume

Instead I chose to…LIVE