I began thinking about this tag with this much time left…Submissions close in 4d 18h 55m

And actually started working on it with this much time left… Submissions close in 19h 46m

Ok that is not entirely true…I began thinking about my tag as soon as I finished reading tim’s post, but did not want to purchase the stamp or dies he used when I have so many still unused [at least I have taken the stamps out of their shrink-wrap].

So with the design formed in my head why did it take me so long to actualize it??? I wanted to reorganize my room [again] to help the workflow and sort through things I can give to my scrappy friend. Plus put my pile of ‘new’ stuff away.

With the clock ticking down I cleared a small space on my worktable to create the following…

201504 1a post

I finally got a chance to use my alphanumeric dies which are a little cumbersome, but so very cool!!!

I like playing with the distress markers and really need to figure out how to use the spritzer thingy so I don’t miss my target entirely or just get a blob:)

Back to reorganizing my room or perhaps I should just leave my little space clean so I can work on May’s tag tomorrow…lol