Wow…this is close…Submissions close in 5h 3m

I began working on my tag weeks ago, but ran into a snafu. Something was missing and I did know what so I kept pushing the project to the side to clean my room & work on other stuff. [Which is a good idea until you realize that your project is now buried under a pile of stuff & you still haven’t finished it]

I finally figured out that I wanted to add something that I did not have in my stash so I had to order the mixed media thinlits to add some layers to my tag.

It is probably hard to see but all that yummy texture is waxed paper that is cut with those dies & layered on top.

Side note: the wax paper is used remnants that I use to protect my mixed media pages so it is all wrinkled from usage and has dried crusty bits of paint.

I just loved grunging up those gears with black & bronze paint to give a rusted effect

201506 1a