Started with Submissions close in 8h 55m. Finished with Submissions close in 3h 34m.

Why you ask…

  • distracted by the patio renovations going on
  • kinda sorta had an idea for this month’s tag and kept changing it
  • extended visit from sibling
  • sidetracked by neighbors wanting to see patio renovations
  • preoccupied with playing clash of clans
  • busy with collecting supplies instead of using them
  • sleep deprived because my pup thinks 0330 is playtime

…the list could go on and on but I really need to make crafting a higher priority. I have gotten so wrapped up in making my craft space look pretty that I have neglected to use it.

This tag used a product that I always want to use more often…alcohol inks! Not sure why I don’t pull these out more often [along with my other cool products].

For the life of me I could not find my package of frosted so I experimented with covering Wendy Vecchi’s clearly for art modeling film with Tim’s frosted film…not a bad combo & worked great in a pinch!!!