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Started with – Submissions close in 17h 21m.
Finished with – Submissions close in 7h 36m.

While I did not spend 10 hours working on this tag, I did spend more time than expected because…
~ my idea for this tag kept changing
~ my craftroom is still a hot mess, so I couldn’t find anything
~ I needed to stop and elevate my feet, since my big toes were sliced on last week
~ I had a dermatology appt, which I was almost late for because I was getting my ink on
~ my pup was underfoot, which I really didn’t mind since she hasn’t come in my room for about a year

Regardless of the hours that have passed, I really loved putting this tag together!!!
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Submissions close in 1d 17h 42m is really not accurate of when I started this tag since I have been processing the idea in my head for over 2 weeks. Once again time has passed me by as I try to put my craft room in order [yeah, yeah…what else is new].

I started sorting totes of embellishments only to find some older boxes of embellishments. Lots of Tim Holtz when he was with Junkitz along with some Lil Davis Design stuff.

Now I have…submissions close in 3h 2m to post this tag because I have been enjoying the neighborhood festivities of Halloween and forgot to take a picture of my project.

I loved creating this slightly eerie background and my version of the undertaker.

I used Wendy Vecchi’s technique for creating the custom epoxy memo pin with Tim’s rub-on.

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