Started with – Submissions closes in 5h 43m.

Which is how I think I finished last year and didn’t want to start this year!!!

I have at least been in my room and have cleared a good portion of crafty stuff to the hallway and office to be labeled.

I did nicely reorganize all my ink, paints, sprays and embossing powders once I moved some storage stuff around to keep them grouped together!

I can also report that I have more than a small workspace to operate in as I just threw some stuff on the floor in piles to get it out my way…the only problem is…I keep tripping over it and can’t reach my large paper cutter [which is not really useable since I have new stuff sitting on it which needs to have a permanent home]:)

This tag is a reminder to me to allow myself to escape my own barriers that I have put in place and just let myself dream…

201601 1a crop