I started working on my tag with this much time on the clock…

Submissions close in 29d 7h 17m

…woohoo me!!!

I was able to take advantage of my ‘clean’ spot [*see previous post] on my workspace:)

I think this is the first tag I put together where no ink, paint or stamping was involved…it felt a little naughty, but I liked that my hands stayed relatively clean!

I substituted a random picture from tim’s paper stash collection and glued it to glossy paper with matte glue n seal then added another coat on top. This allowed me to use the distress markers and spread the color around.

I also used a substitution for the tiny tattered florals since mine have not arrived yet…phooey. I really want to play with those, but the tattered flower garland worked well. I added distress glitter in vintage photo for the center.

I loved clustering all the tiny bits together & distressing the ruler ribbon.

*note to self…make sure you move your fingers out of the way when distressing fabric that does not want to be distressed!!!

201505a  201505b


I began thinking about this tag with this much time left…Submissions close in 4d 18h 55m

And actually started working on it with this much time left… Submissions close in 19h 46m

Ok that is not entirely true…I began thinking about my tag as soon as I finished reading tim’s post, but did not want to purchase the stamp or dies he used when I have so many still unused [at least I have taken the stamps out of their shrink-wrap].

So with the design formed in my head why did it take me so long to actualize it??? I wanted to reorganize my room [again] to help the workflow and sort through things I can give to my scrappy friend. Plus put my pile of ‘new’ stuff away.

With the clock ticking down I cleared a small space on my worktable to create the following…

201504 1a post

I finally got a chance to use my alphanumeric dies which are a little cumbersome, but so very cool!!!

I like playing with the distress markers and really need to figure out how to use the spritzer thingy so I don’t miss my target entirely or just get a blob:)

Back to reorganizing my room or perhaps I should just leave my little space clean so I can work on May’s tag tomorrow…lol

What happens when you do your tag at the beginning of the month but forget to post it until submissions close in 4h 0m, you write a little bit of gibberish so you can get things loaded quickly. Then you can’t find your card reader thingy to load you pictures to add to the gibberish you are writing:)

I do need to add that I went against tim’s instructions & heated the texture paste before it was dry because I wanted my flowers to be a little bit more dimensional & puffy!!!
201503 post 1a

201503 post 1b

This has got to be a record for me…(Submissions close in 25d 18h 1m)

Not only did I have an idea on the first of the month, but I actually began working on it…woohoo me:)

Had I not struggled with what extra stuff to add & not had a puppy who wanted to be in my lap I probably would have been done sooner!

201502 1aa

I had to be really careful about not adding too many layers. Playing with the wire was something new for me, but something I always wanted to try!

201502 1bb

I only have one excuse as to why this is being posted at the last minute…I was really sick!!!

From the time I saw Tim’s post on the 1st…my idea had formed & I already had all the supplies I needed for a change. Then something I never expected happened…my body totally shut-down!

side note: this has actually been going on for a few months which is why there is no tag for November & December!

I won’t go into all the details, but I was lucky if I could hold my head up for a few hours. With time I am slowly getting to full strength, which is a very good thing because I miss getting inky in my crafty space!!!

I loved how this came together and it was the first time getting to play with my distress stains [I could hear them calling to me while I was stuck in my chair].

This year I chose to live everyday…

201501 a post

a close up of that glittery pumice stone goodness & my current mantra…live in the now

201501 b post

I am really cutting it close with only this much time left…submissions close in 6h 41m

I usually finish the year with a review list & begin the year with my like to accomplish list, but this year will be different…

  • No list of task that will be started and just as quickly abandoned
  • No promises of growth, realization or embracing of self only to feel slightly defeated that I did not have some spine-tingling ‘aha’ moment
  • No reflection on past decisions gone wrong or assurances of not veering slightly off path
  • No goals of losing “x” amount of pounds or limiting the amount of crispy bacon I will consume

Instead I chose to…LIVE

Submissions close in 18h 54m…the amount of time I have left to post my project!

This one was really a struggle for me. Not because I did not like tim’s tag or technique, but because I have been distracted by all the other things that compromise life.

At the beginning of the year I wanted to spend at least 20 minutes in my room each day. It hasn’t happened!!! Throughout the day I have allowed other things to distract me & keep me from crafting….WHY?!!!?

I have all this crafty stuff I want to play with, a great space that is finally coming together [which means that there are less piles to step over] & crafty ideas that are bogging down my brain ‘cause they want to become reality…there should be no excuse not to give myself a minimum of 20 minutes in a 24hr day to create!!!

So without further ado here is my tag…

201410 captured 1a

I loved working with the distress sprays for the first time & the way they flowed into all the crevices created by the shatter stencil! From the picture it is hard to see the stamping in the background, but I love the extra layer it adds!!!

The spider is from tim’s candlelight fright [cut from plastic packaging then embossed with dot matrix] & the heart is from his mini hearts set.

201410 captured 1b

Not sure why I am just finishing this up today…I drew the sketch on the 1st after I saw Tim’s post. Yes, I actually sketched out a plan! But then I tried to do the substitute thing so I wouldn’t buy stuff, which means I ended up buying stuff!!!

I figured that instead of purchasing Tim’s butterfly frenzy decorative strip I would use my punches & cameo to create the butterflies. Well days later that idea went out the window & the butterfly frenzy die was put in my sizzix shopping cart during a sale along with the framelits tag collection. So once again I say darn you Tim for being so craftly irresistible!!!

I had trouble with ghosted background! I was about to do a fifth go when I stopped myself & just reached for my 3rd try. I convinced myself that it had character & I could just go from there [plus I hated wasting my glossy paper]. I ended up moving my stamp on the 3rd one causing an unattractive shadow & decided that the 1st try would do…lol!!!

I forgotten just how much fun alcohol inks are & really need to reach for them more. I think I say that every time after I use them so I really should make a point of reaching for them more. I do after-all have a large stash of glossy paper I am hoarding…I even keep the little bits!!!

201409 1a crop

This has got to be a first…not only did I have an idea of what I wanted to create after I saw Tim’s post, I am also posting my tag way before the deadline…woohoo!!!

I actually finished the tag on the 3rd!!!

The only hold up from posting,,,coming up with the perfect bow to top my creation.

Thus I finally broke the packaging off of the zutter bow-it-all that I bought many moons ago [so many moons ago that version 2 was created while my original stayed protected & unused]!

From the photo it may be hard to see all the inky & painty layers. I even threw on some light modeling paste for extra dimensional goodness…

201408 artist 1a  201408 artist 1b

Yes the last hours are weaning down! To be exact I have 8h 12m to post my project:)

I did start working on it late this morning, but stuff needed to dry & I needed just the right finishing touches to consider it complete!!!

This is my own take since I did not have the beach themed stuff Tim used. I did follow all the techniques & even used the eroded method from Chemistry 102 for my mini jalopy finish.

Love how the ‘sand’ turned out…
201407 live